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Audubon South Carolina Releases 2021 Policy Agenda

Achieving pragmatic, bipartisan conservation solutions that address threats to birds and the places they need.

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Feb. 1, 2021) — Using science, advocacy, education, and conservation, Audubon South Carolina helps birds and the places they need, now and in the future. In South Carolina, we have more than 26,000 members spanning every county, eight local chapters and bird clubs across the state, and more than 30,000 acres of land we own, restore or manage using climate- and bird-friendly forestry practices. Through our initiatives and programs, Audubon South Carolina is striving to create healthy ecosystems and safe, inclusive access to the outdoors for the benefit of all people in South Carolina.
With the support of our members and chapters, we actively advocate for pragmatic public policies that not only protect birds, but also protect South Carolina’s clean air and water, iconic landscapes, and $20 billion tourism industry. 

Regarding the organization’s 2021 legislative and conservation priorities, Audubon South Carolina Policy Director Julia Dietz shared the following statement:

“Audubon South Carolina’s 2021 policy agenda represents commonsense conservation policy that will help protect birds and the places they need, as well our communities across the state from climate impacts and other pressures on our natural resources. We look forward to working with our partners in the conservation community and our elected officials to advance bipartisan solutions and continue the great progress we have already had on resilience, clean energy and land conservation in South Carolina.”

Audubon’s 2021 priorities include:

Protecting Birds and the Places they Need

  • Increased funding for the SC Conservation Bank
  • Doubling the amount of land and water conserved in South Carolina
  • Support for commonsense regulatory and legislative measures that protect our state’s abundant natural resources, including our land, water and coastline, and oppose legislation that would roll back current and longstanding protections
  • Oppose offshore drilling
  • Increase federal protections and funding that support state-based bird conservation efforts

Ensuring a Resilient Coastline and State

  • Full implementation and funding for the SC Disaster Relief and Resilience Act
  • Investment in natural infrastructure to mitigate flooding and impacts from storms
  • Protection of critical habitat that provides resilience for both birds and communities
  • Support federal legislation and funding that prioritizes the use of natural infrastructure, beneficial use of dredge material and comprehensive resilience planning

Reducing Emissions in South Carolina

  • Increasing equitable access to solar energy
  • Investment in and adoption of natural climate solutions on our lands, like carbon sequestration
  • Securing commitments from state-owned utility, Santee Cooper, for a renewable energy portfolio
  • Support federal investment in clean energy research and new technology, as well as regulations that support the expansion of solar in South Carolina

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