Our 2017 Photo Contest Finalists

There's nothing that lets us show off the talents and avian enthusiasm of others like a bird photography contest!  This year. 190 entries were submitted from all parts of the state featuring all species of birds.  I don't envy the judges who had to choose the winning submissions, because the quality of work we recieved was fantastic.

Photographs create an instant connection between people and birds, revealing elusive habits and colorful closeups that most people will never witness firsthand.  Provided that photographers don't interrupt bird habits to get that one photo, this hobby can be both ecofriendly and an epic scavenger hunt.  It can lead to obscure, hidden locations buried in the heart of our own state that are known and cherished only by an adventurous few.

Spreading awareness is a critical part of conservation.  Vibrant imagery is one of the best ways to grab people's attention and transform it into a commitment to make a difference for birds.  Our thanks to everyone who submitted a photo this year!

The finalists:

1st Place - Stephanie Rossi – Avocet
2nd Place - Lynn Long - Painted Bunting
3rd Place - Fran Baer - Least Bittern

Honorable Mentions:

Fran Baer – White Pelicans
Roger Doyle – Bald Eagle
Carol Haff – Barred Owl
Hank Hearn – Green Heron
Lynn Long – Red Knot
Kelley Luikey – Snowy Egret
Kathryn Newsom – Chuck-will's-widow
Leigh Scott - Anhinga
Leigh Scott – Laughing Gull

2017 Winners' Slideshow

1st Place - Avocet Grace - A graceful avocet preening on an overcast day in Mary's Pond. Taken at Bear Island Wildlife Management. Photo: Stephanie Rossi
2nd Place - Painted Bunting - Feeding on grass seed. Taken at Donnelley Wildlife Preserve Photo: Lynn Long
3rd Place - Least Bittern - Taken at Bear Island Wildlife Management Area. Photo: Fran Baer
Honorable Mention - White Pelicans - One Way...or Another. Taken at Tompkins Island. Photo: Fran Baer
Honorable Mention - Bald Eagle - Thirsty Eagle. Taken at Brookgreen Gardens, Georgetown County. Photo: Roger Doyle
Honorable Mention - Barred Owl - The Curious Owl. Taken at Donnelley Wildlife Management Area. Photo: Carol Haff
Honorable Mention - Green Heron - Eyes on the Surface. Taken at Pinckney Island. Photo: Hank Hearn
Honorable Mention - Red Knot - Taken at Harbor Island. Photo: Lynn Long
Honorable Mention - Snowy Egret - What’s not to love? Full of verve! Full of life! Full of expression! Give them a minute and they will show you a whole new look! Fripp Island. Photo: Kelley Luikey
Honorable Mention - Chuck-will’s-widow - Taken at Chesterfield County. Photo: Kathryn Newsom
Honorable Mention - Anhinga - A Southern Gentleman. Taken at Huntington Beach State Park. Photo: Leigh Scott
Honorable Mention - Laughing Gull - Hold the Anchovies, Please! Taken at Sullivan's Island. Photo: Leigh Scott

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