Habitat Conservation Areas

Audubon South Carolina's Habitat Conservation Areas (HCAs) are discreet geographical areas upon which we focus most of our bird and habitat conservation efforts. Substantially aligned with the South Carolina Habitat Conservation Plan, HCAs are places rich in quality bird habitat and with abundant birds.

In concert with our several government and non-profit partners, our conservation and advocacy efforts are employed to protect and enhance habitat for birds, giving particular emphasis to species experiencing marked population declines, such as Prothonotary Warbler and Piping Plover.

Because of the critical needs of the birds that reside in them, three of our six HCAs are receiving the highest priority. They are the Coastal; ACE Basin, Edisto River and Four Holes Swamp; and Pee Dee River/Winyah Bay HCAs.

While protecting birds and their habitats is the focus of our advocacy, we are sometimes drawn into issues that threaten human health and quality of life, such as poor land use planning and urban sprawl.

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