Audubon South Carolina protects birds and the places they need, right here in South Carolina.

Photo: David Masche

Today, more than one-third of North America’s bird species are at risk of extinction unless we take significant conservation action. The big challenges for our feathered friends are habitat loss and climate change. Please, join our efforts to give South Carolina’s birds a fighting chance in a rapidly changing world!


Audubon South Carolina protects, restores, and improves management on 22,000 acres  our bird and wildlife sanctuaries.  We also help other landowners do the same on hundreds of thousands more acres.



Audubon South Carolina engages volunteers who plant bird-friendly gardens; protect vulnerable shorebirds and seabirds; reduce their carbon footprints; collect scientific data; and restore wetlands and other degraded habitat.  



Audubon South Carolina supports citizens who advocate for clean water, natural habitat, and urban habitat for birds and other wildlife.  (That's us on the left with the South Carolina General Assembly's new Native Plant Resolution.)