Beidler Forest

Field Trips

Outdoors, their curiosity blossoms.

“Give us your yawning, your bored, your restless students yearning to breathe free . . . .” 

What do you do when your kids can’t take one more day inside, but you haven’t a second to waste in your march toward meeting standards?  How about . . . bring them to Beidler Forest? 

  • Our naturalists are warm and funny and immensely knowledgeable. 
  • Our boardwalk is 1.75 miles long, with benches and rain shelters at easy intervals.
  • We offer standards-based programs for grades K-12 — student satisfaction guaranteed.

School group visits, which always include a boardwalk tour guided by a naturalist, cost $5 per student. If you want to add a grade-appropriate, standards-based activity (see below), the cost is $7 per student. There’s no charge for classroom teachers who come with a school group.