Host a Speaker

Audubon staff are available to speak to community groups on a variety of topics.  We usually charge a small fee to cover mileage and expenses.  Popular topics are listed below, and we can often improvise to meet a group’s needs: 

Bird-Friendly Communities: Human communities are tough on birds. But landscaping with native plants provides the perfect buffet for our feathered friends.  There are other ways, too, to welcome wildlife, protect clean water, and make our homes and yards resilient to changing weather patterns.  Cities and suburbs cover 10 to 15 percent of South Carolina. Let’s make the places we live more bird friendly, and more people friendly too!  (Photo:  Camilla Cerea)

Seabirds & Shorebirds: Seabirds include gulls and terns, skimmers and pelicans. Shorebirds have names straight out of a children’s book: whimbrel, turnstone, godwit, sanderling.  These birds are favorites for many people, yet they’re increasingly vulnerable to pollution, overfishing, and other challenges.  Learn how every beachcomber can help protect coastal birds, and consider volunteering as a Shorebird Steward.  To a bird, you’re what hope looks like! (Photo: Matthew Lenaghan)


Community Science: Audubon South Carolina loves gathering data that helps protect our state’s birds. Several of our studies are tailor-made for citizen scientists. Don’t assume you need to be an expert birder. Don’t assume you need to be an adult. People with all levels of experience are revolutionizing the field by reporting tens of millions of observations per year worldwide. Learn how to join in — or just come encourage us during a bird-banding marathon. (Photo: Anna Delapaz)


Who? Who?  Who are these feathered creatures that fascinate us so? We can tailor a talk to your interests: Owls, Hummingbirds, Mating, Migration, Feathers, Photography, Birding ABC's . . . .  Or why we need to protect big blocks of natural land to keep birds healthy and abundant. Or lots more, really, depending on what y'all want to know. :)  (Photo: Helen Steussy)


Beidler Forest: Audubon’s 18,000-acre Francis Beidler Forest Sanctuary is the largest remaining virgin Cypress-Tupleo swamp forest in the world. It hasn’t been touched for millennia — except for construction of a nature center and boardwalk that allow visitors to enjoy thousand-year-old trees, diverse wildlife, and the quiet flow of blackwater. This talk will give participants a deeper appreciation for the web of life that binds us all together. (Photo: Mac Stone)


Silver Bluff: Audubon’s 3,300-acre Silver Bluff Sanctuary has 20-plus miles of horse and hiking trails, more than 200 species of birds, archaeological sites dating back to the 1700s, and an incredible view of the Savannah River. Learn about the history, ecology, and present-day uses of Silver Bluff — Audubon South Carolina’s training center for “bird-friendly forestry.” (Photo: Marilyn McLeod)


How to Make a Difference: South Carolina’s birds are under stress, primarily from habitat loss and climate change.  Big threats, yes  but each of us can make a difference. There are great ways to help our state's birds, even in your own back yard. And/or you can speak up for birds with our public officials. In South Carolina, there’s only one species we’re eager to see go extinct:  the armchair conservationist! (Photo: Nolan Schillerstrom)



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