Guided Canoe/Kayak Trips

See the heart of the swamp from a different angle
Photo: Richard Covey, Audubon South Carolina

Guided Canoe/Kayak Trips

See the heart of the swamp from a different angle

During Spring (March-May)

Paddle the still blackwater under towering 1,000-year-old cypress trees as an Audubon naturalist leads you deep into the heart of the Francis Beidler Forest in Four Holes Swamp. Take this opportunity to experience the largest remaining stand of virgin bald cypress and tupelo gum trees in the world in a way that most people do not. We will take you far away from the boardwalk and deep into the heart of the swamp. This unique experience will enrich your understanding of the workings of the swamp and will be one you treasure for the rest of your life!

Private canoe/kayak trips are possible in other seasons depending upon water level and guide availability.  Five person minimum (or willing to pay for five) and reservations are required.

Length Day Time Cost
4+ Hours Friday 1 PM $30.00 (adult)/$15.00 (child)
2 Hours Saturday 9 AM $20.00 (adult)/$10.00 (child)
4+ Hours Saturday 1 PM $30.00 (adult)/$15.00 (child)


  • The water level in our swamp is dependent upon rain fall. Accordingly, canoe trips are subject to the availability of ENOUGH WATER!
  • During the off-season, canoe trips can be scheduled by reservation only on any day that all of the following conditions are met:  1) there is sufficient water, 2) there is a guide available, 3) there are at least 5 people in your party or you are willing to pay for 5 people, and 4) you call in advance to make the arrangements.
  • It is recommended you have some canoeing experience. A lot of maneuvering between cypress knees, through narrow creek channels and to avoid POISON IVY will be required! It's man vs. nature at its finest!
  • Reservations are required in advance! Sign up early. Canoe trips are very popular attractions and space fills up fast! You will receive a confirmation notice after signing up. Call (843) 462-2150 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.
  • Payment must be received in advance of your trip! A credit card must be used to secure your reservation! Visa or Mastercard are accepted! Payment may be made the day of the trip with credit card, check or cash.
  • Cancellation Policy: Failure to provide a week's notice of cancellation will result in a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the total cost of your trip. The cost will be charged to the credit card you're required to provide at the time of reservation. Cancellations implemented by Beidler Forest will not be included in this policy.
  • Children's ages range from 8 to 12 on the four hour canoe trips. Children below the age of 8 are not recommended!
  • Children's ages range from 6 to 12 on the two hour canoe trips. Children below the age of 6 are not recommended!
  • Bring clothing appropriate for the weather conditions. You should wear shoes that can get wet.
  • Please eat either before or after your trip. Snacks and something to drink are recommended. We recommend a cookie for your guide if you want to be shown the way out!
  • Binoculars and cameras are welcome on the trip! (A waterproof bag is recommended as there is no guarantee that you won't flip your canoe!)
  • NO alcoholic beverages are allowed! There are no bathrooms in the swamp!
  • NO pets are allowed! Your family pet may be an alligator's next meal!!!
  • NO bug spray! You won't need it and we'll tell you why when you get here!