Field Trip Resources

Education at Francis Beidler Forest

The 1.75-mile boardwalk at Francis Beidler Forest offers a great way to give your class an exciting and educational experience! Guided boardwalk tours are our most popular activity for groups of all ages. Please call ahead of time (843-462-2150) or check out our education department calendar here to ensure a guide is available on the date of your choice. If you wish to see the list of programs we offer in tandem with boardwalk tours click here.

School Group Guided Walk + Activity $7.00 per individual (teachers are free)
School Group Guided Walk & No Activity $5.00 per individual (teachers are free)

We know how much work it takes to plan a great field trip, and we're here to help! The following information will help your visit to Francis Beidler Forest run smoothly:

1. To maximize your class' experience in the swamp, check out our pre-trip video currently hosted on YouTube here. You might also visit our blog to see what events are occurring in the swamp.
2. We try to have programming planned from the time you get off the bus until you leave. Please do your best to be on time. If you're running late, just call ahead and let us know!
3. Admission fees can be paid in advance or on the day of your trip. If needed, we can provide an itemized invoice detailing the charges for your visit. Classroom teachers are admitted at no cost when visiting with their paying student group. Each person, student and chaperone, will be charged $5.00 (K-12) for a guided boardwalk tour ($7.00 for college). If you select an extra hands-on/grade-specific activity, an additional $2.00 is charged per student/chaperone.
4. Plan on bringing your own lunches. There are five large and two small picnic tables along with a minimal selection of snacks and drinks for sale in the gift shop. We do not have trash service at our facility, so please bring trash bags with you and plan to pack out whatever you pack in. Thank you!
5. The "Swamp Shop" is stocked with many items from $1.00-5.00 with prices starting at $0.25. As a non-profit organization, we raise the money needed to keep this sanctuary open. We purposely keep our boardwalk prices low to make visits affordable and for this reason proceeds from the gift ship provide critical support to our program.
6. We can accommodate an overall group size of approximately 100 students. However, in order to make this a unique and personal experience for your class, our naturalists will be leading sub-groups of about 25 students. Before arriving, please try to group your students accordingly. It is most helpful if each of these sub-groups is divided in a student to chaperone ratio of 10:1. This helps the naturalist with crowd control and keeps the students focused along the walk. We appreciate this help!
7. If possible, please have students wear visible nametags so that we can call them by name. Envelope address labels do not adhere well to clothing.
8. Please remind students to dress appropriately for the weather. We will be outside almost the entire program. Please wear only enclosed shoes. NO platforms, heels, flip-flops, or clogs.
9. A boardwalk tour at Francis Beidler Forest addresses several science standards for different grade levels. However, if there is a specific subject or topic that you would our guides to emphasize, please notify our staff when you schedule your trip.

We trust your experience at Beidler Forest will be exciting and educational and we appreciate your help organizing and supervising the group! Should you have any questions or comments about your visit to Francis Beidler Forest, please don't hesitate to contact our education staff at 843-462-2150.