Carbon Sequestration

Hug a tree today – for keeping carbon out of our atmosphere. Photo: Richard Covey

Carbon sequestration – it’s a mouthful.  But it boils down to something simple and amazing.  Audubon South Carolina can actually get paid to protect prime habitat for birds and other wildlife.  Here’s how it works:

  • Companies in California want to release more carbon into the atmosphere than the law allows.
  • So they buy “carbon credits,” which allows them to release that extra carbon legally.
  • We get paid if we promise not to cut our forest  because our forest “sequesters” carbon, or prevents it from being released into the atmosphere.  Sequestration slows climate change, compensating for whatever those California companies are up to.

Funds we received for participating in this program increased our endowment, which provides essential annual income for our operations.  Simple and amazing!