Guided Tours & Group Rates

Photo: Mark Musselman, Audubon South Carolina

One of the most intimate ways to experience the swamp is to have a staff naturalist along with you on your walk. A naturalist at Beidler Forest can describe in detail the intricacies and tiny miracles of life in the swamp. Our tours will be tailored to your group's questions and needs.

Whether you are an educator interested in bringing your class to the swamp for a field trip or a private group wanting to experience the swamp with a trained swampologist, we will do our best to meet your needs. You will find that having a naturalist along, who can share their knowledge and passion for all things swamp related will really make a difference!

Due to our limited staff size, we ask that you call ahead in advance to schedule your tour.

TEACHERS: Please call as far ahead in advance as possible. Our calendar fills up rather quickly during the school year. Cost for your class with be $5.00 per student and chaperone. Classroom teachers are admitted at no cost when visiting with their paying student group. We have additional activities and lesson plans to offer here for an additional $2.00. All of our lesson plans are state standards compliant and will make your field trip fun and educational!

PRIVATE GROUPS: The minimum group size for a private tour is ten people, or be willing to pay for ten people. The cost for your group will be $12.00 per person. If you do not have ten people, your cost will still be $120.00. If you are interested in a walk focusing on any subject in particular, such as birding, feel free to give us a call and see what can be done for you!

Group Rates*  
General/Senior/College Group Guided Walk

$10.00 per individual

General Group Walk - No Guide $8.00 per individual
Senior (65+)/College Group walk - No Guide $6.00 per individual
School/Club Guided Walk & Activity $7.00 per individual
School Group Guided Walk & No Activity $5.00 per individual
Club/Family Walk - No Guide & No Activity (ages 6+) $5.00 per individual

*must have minimum of 10 paying guests